Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pennsylvania Constitutional Crisis: PornGate

Special prosecutor: Porngate report out by early June

HARRISBURG - The special prosecutor hired by Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane to investigate the chain of pornographic emails exchanged among state prosecutors, judges, and others will release his preliminary findings by early next mont
Douglas Gansler said he would issue an "interim report" in the first few days of June - possibly earlier - that will focus on messages sent by judges or other judicial-branch employees from 2008 through 2015 that contained sexually explicit images, offensive jokes, or other objectionable content.
He would not say how many new names, if any, he might make public in connection with the emails, leaving it unclear whether his report will back up Kane's assertion that the messages had exposed a "constitutional crisis" in state government.
He did say his report will identify the judges and judicial employees by name, as well as any employees inside the Attorney General's Office who then forwarded the messages to others.


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