Tuesday, May 31, 2016

OCDA accuses OCBOS Todd Spitzer of impersonating ADA and demands apology

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – The Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas held a press conference today and accused Orange County Board of Supervisors Todd Spitzer and demanded an apology.

According to the OCDA, on May 26, 2016, Supervisor Spitzer falsely claimed to be an employee of the Orange County District Attorney's Office and preceded to engage in a political activity asking County residents to vote in favor of ballot measure A by using this false identity

Specifically, the OCDA is asking Mr. Spitzer to:

1) Formally apologize to the public and 300 prosecutors at the Orange County District Office that proudly hold the title of deputy or assistant district attorney;
2) Promise he will never engage in a false impersonation of an assistant district attorney again, and;
3) Make amends by contacting the same voters correcting the false identification using his own funds. 

Preemptively, in the press conference the OCDA stated that  “We all hope that Mr. Spitzer does not insult any of you or the public's intelligence by trying to claim that it's a big misunderstanding.

No one, especially Mr. Spitzer, a career politician since 1992, would make this mistake. Mr. Spitzer has not been a prosecutor here since 2010.  In 2013, Mr. Spitzer badged his way up to the San Bernardino Mountains during the serial killer Dorner manhunt. 

In this TV interview, he does not say he was a reserve police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department and says he is a police officer.  Interestingly, he does not even mention he was a former prosecutor for the Orange County District Attorney's Office.   

Supervisor  Todd Spitzer speaking to CBS 2 News during Christopher Dorner manhunt:

The irony of the unethical behavior of Mr. Spitzer engaging in false impersonation of an assistant district attorney, to engage in political activity of promoting an ethic commission, is not lost on anyone."

Supervisor Todd Spitzer speaking to Time Warner Cable Local Edition

According to the OCDA, there are many unanswered questions

  1. Who came up with this idea?
  2. Who wrote this script?
  3. Were any County staff or equipment used?
  4. Were any County funds used for this political campaigning?
  5. Why didn't they comply with the "paid for" requirement?
  6. Who is Supervisor Spitzer protecting from public disclosure?

Letter from OCDA to Orange County Counsel regarding Mr. Spitzer's impersonating a DA

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