Sunday, May 29, 2016

Not a Good Memorial Day weekend Start in Coto de Caza - One Less Traffic Statistic

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Coto de Caza, CA -  This is not a good start to the 2016 Coast-to-Coast Seat Belt Enforcement Ready For Memorial Day in Coto de Caza.    Despite the obvious NTSB-compliant signage at the Antonio Gate Exit in Coto de Caza,  it is not immediately evident whether the driver and the passenger of the dark blue Mercedez Benz below, had buckled up, what is clear is that for whatever reason the driver was not sure whether to turn right or keep going straight, so he/she split the difference and jumped the curve.

It is not clear whether the driver was distracted, under the influence, or if there was a mechanical mal-function. Basic college physics does suggest the vehicle was speeding, however,

Now, because the California Highway Patrol (CHP) did not  show up prior to the vehicle being towed, it is highly unlikely this accident will show up as a traffic statistic, like so many others-  The Coto de Caza private security patrol, aka Glorified Meter Maid was present - The natural effect is that the CHP provided traffic collision report for the Coto de Caza is consistently understated.

Further, because of what we have come to refer to the Fonseca Effect, is is also highly unlikely this incident will be investigated by the CHP and whether we will ever find out the cause of it.


Beware of Coto de Caza's Hyundai Pooch (CHP) patrol.
 #PoochesLivesMatter as long as they are on leashes.  #BlueLives?WhoCares!

Coto de Caza, CA - in the May 2016 CZ Master Association's newsletter, self-described HOA-activist and Coto's HOA president stated that her heart warmed up at the notion that residents enjoyed using the association's dog kennel, passing as a dog park.  So much so that she is asking for a $40.00 donation for park improvements.  She also states that she "..enjoys looking at the engraved bricks at the entry of the dog kennel and seeing the names of her beloved pets who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge including Bella (Belle Star) the original mascot for the dog park and my senior pup that is still with us."

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