Sunday, May 29, 2016

Harrisburg: House Bill 1774 Does not do us any favor

By Cynthia Stephens

Do they think they are doing HOA homeowners a "big favor?"  

These HOA (private community) protections were/are already in place.  Tell me of any other entity, business, industry, or other that does not have accountability under the AG, states investigative, or enforcement agencies and exists by statutes and laws.  These "contracts" are two way "contracts," but the courts have not cared when the HOA boards and attorneys, and others in their syndicates are committing these crimes and injustices, the legal and judicial atrocities to innocent HOA homeowners and their families in Pennsylvania, and especially, Monroe County, Pennsylvania.  

In fact, in my experience, and in Monroe County, Pennsylvania some in the courts, or who were in the courts are only to willing to violate their oaths of office and the laws to help these criminals in their crime sprees.  Then, the enforcement and accountability for the judges and attorneys and HOA boards and other accomplices doing this, is non existent.  The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and DA's and other law enforcement could care less. In fact, the one Representative sponsoring this Bill, Rosemary Brown, her father I have been told is Ken Maula who is a developer, in and around Monroe County, Pennsylvania.  Mr. Maula, has some "history" himself, in defending himself against an attacker, I believe, in New York, and was not guilty for killing a man, but I believe he was found guilty and forced to serve time for an unlicensed gun, or similar.  I did not follow the details of his case, as I thought him to be "a fairly decent human being" who was entrapped in a bad and life threatening situation. You can research this for yourself and if I am incorrect, please let me know. I am going from some recollection of events at this time and the word of others who were closer friends of his at that time!  I have put one link to a news account of this tragedy below

However, the one community Mr. Maula built in Monroe County, Pennsylvania with another, is among one of the worst HOAs in America for the HOA homeowner abuses, criminality, corruption, HOA homeowner selective discrimination and targeting and SLAPP and property theft, in my opinion.


Private community bill moves ahead

State eyes fix for disputes in homeowners associations

Excerpt 1:
"An amended bill requiring the state Attorney General’s Office to investigate or mediate alleged violations by operators of common interest communities is expected to be approved next month by the Pennsylvania House Urban Affairs Committee, Chairman Scott Petri said Thursday.

Doctor Shot to Death In Bronx Parking Lot -
Jul 19, 1985 · Doctor Shot to Death In Bronx Parking Lot ... the police arrested Kenneth Maula, 43, of East Stroudsburg, Pa., ... Mr. Maula owns the adjacent

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