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HOAs in Pennsylvania – The Manipulation of Elected Officials

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Is it me, or do others believe this is a one sided, self serving, misleading and irresponsible representation to Pennsylvania legislators and others at this April 21st, 2015 "Joint Informational Meeting" no one else was apparently invited to, or notified of, to speak for HOA homeowners in Pennsylvania!

I cannot believe elected officials in Pennsylvania would believe, or embrace all of what is presented to them in this "presentation," document, report, or whatever it is one wants to call it.  Furthermore, the statistics and other information presented in this "presentation," is questionable, to say the least. 

Pennsylvanian's in HOAs and home buyers in Pennsylvania deserve to have elected officials hear the truths and facts concerning HOAs in the Commonwealth. Regardless, of the positive spin this "presentation" wants to put forth. Bottom line: HOAs in Pennsylvania are a mess. The entire concept and the operations and enforcement of the laws within and governing HOAs are a mess!  

The PA Department of State cannot even get many to register with them, as I hear is a requirement under the PA the laws.  Too many, HOAs and their HOA boards and other accomplices, which may include attorneys, judges, or former judges, or banksters, or insurance industry personnel, other HOA "investors" in the community, or other unknown accomplices are criminals and using the legal profession and the courts to perpetrate their crimes.  They are predators of the innocent and unsuspecting and some in the courts, it appears, or who were in the courts, are willing accomplices in their crime sprees! 

There is no accountability, no oversight, no enforcement, no investigations, no penalties, no prosecutions for these HOA boards and their accomplices violating fiduciary duties and the laws, no prosecutions for their financial and property thefts, their frauds upon the courts, or other illegal and criminal activities intentionally victimizing innocent Pennsylvania HOA homeowners for their own financial gain, property and equity.  It is a disgrace and an injustice unimaginable to most.

Elected officials in Pennsylvania need to hear from HOA homeowners in Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania HOA homeowner advocates, Pennsylvania HOA homeowner victims, and especially those who have been fraudulently and criminally victimized in these egregious and malicious crimes and property thefts, America's true HOA homeowner experts and advocates, HOA homeowner expert health professionals, HOA homeowner legal professionals and HOA homeowner expert public policy professionals, and others, who will educate and inform them competently, truthfully, credibly, and verifiable.  The HOA criminality, legal and judicial abuses and the range of criminality and abuse perpetrated and inflicted upon innocent HOA homeowners that has been allowed to endure in Pennsylvania need to end!  So does the secrecy and covering up of all of it.  

The best interest of HOA homeowners and home buyers  in Pennsylvania needs to be the first priority.  It is in the best interest to educate the general public and PA elected officials at every level of "who is who" in the HOA industry and what they truly do.  Their "influence" and "education" and who this serves should be no secret.  I would think no HOA homeowner in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, nor home buyer in Pennsylvania would want anything to do with them, if they knew the truth. 


April 21, 2015

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