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OCBOS to shortly announce composition of Coto de Caza Planning Advisory Committee

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Coto de Caza, CA -  The Orange County Board of Supervisor (OCBOS)  commenced a solicitation process for a Coto de Caza Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) to be submitted to Supervisor Lisa Bartlett. 

According to the solicitation for applicants, The CPAC is an advisory body to forward non-binding recommendations, to the Director of OC Public Works.

The purpose of CPAC is to advise the Orange County Zoning Administrator, Planning Commission, Board of Supervisors, and County agencies on all discretionary actions f the County of Orange in the unincorporated area located within the boundaries of the Coto de Caza Specific Plan.

The problem with the solicitation is that it is dated April 14 and the applications were due April 29.  Not counting the time, it took for the proper distribution of the information, it did not leave much room for those of us either traveling or concerned with high priority items. Perhaps in the future the OCBOS can better plan in order to address the needs of the majority of stakeholders.

The good news is that according to Victor Cao, aide to Supervisor Bartlett, Supervisors Bartlett “ intends to have a regular rotation of members to facilitate more civic participation in the future. In addition, you may be able to provide input to the process through public comment at the Advisory Committee, Planning Commission, and Board of Supervisors meetings.


Community Editorial: Stick to the Rules on Canyon Developments
Despite pleas from the public and conservation groups and the obvious potential for a legal battle, the Orange County Planning Commission agreed July 25 to Rutter Development Corp.’s plan to overhaul the Foothill-Trabuco Specific Plan (FTSP) and increase the Orange County General Plan’s traffic limit on scenic Santiago Canyon Road.

All of this is to shoehorn in a 65-unit gated tract-home development known as Saddle Crest.

The Inter-Canyon League
The Inter-Canyon League is a non-profit community organization serving the residents of the eastern canyons of Orange County California, including Silverado, Modjeska, Williams and Blackstar canyons

Clueless In Coto de Caza: HOA willfully ignorant grossly incompetent, or?

VIA ONLINE PUBLICATION, EMAIL & POST May 1, 2016 TO:  CZ Master Association Board of Directors. CC.  CZ Homeowners C/o K...

Request for resignation/termination of Ms. Xochitl Yocham from board of directors for conflict of interest/Breach of fiduciary responsibility

TO:  CZ Master Association Board of Directors.
C/O Keystone Pacific,
3001 Tomas Suite 160
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

RE:  Request for resignation/termination of Ms. Xochitl Yocham from board of directors for conflict of interest/Breach of fiduciary responsibilit

Wasted Lives & Wasted Laws: Coto de Caza, an Anti-Law Enforcement HOA

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Coto de Caza, CA - Wasted lives and wasted laws. Sounds like a Freddie Fender country song, but sadly, that captures Coto de Caza’s CZ Master Association’s leadership's approach to public safetythat led to the first traffic fatality in the community, followed by one more three months later, the third one in January 2014, and multiple near misses in the last few weeks:

Phil Mitchell and the Coto de Caza HOA board just invalided the 2016 Elections

Mr. Mitchell’s letter, violated the HOA's CC&Rs,  Civil Code §5135,  Civ. Code §44 and Civ. Code §45 and   Title 18, US Code Sect...

Posted by CotoBlogzz Rancho Santa Margarita, CA -  if you live in a common interest development/homeowners’ association, and  have been...

Application for Candidacy for Coto de Caza's HOA Board of Directors

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The current board has been in control of the CZ Master association for more than 10 years enabled by an archaic, arcane cumulative voting system (instead of direct elections) designed to keep a small minority in power. It is time for a fundamental transformation.  If I gain a seat on the board, I pledge to serve only one term and focus on the following issues:

Posted By CotoBlogzz Ladera Ranch:  A public safety model for unincorporated areas in Orange County, California According to the  ...

Fifth traffic accident in Coto de Caza in as many months within ½ mile of Golfer Crossing Signs

Coto de Caza, California - Another month, another damaged fence.  That makes it the third one in as many months, right at what CZ Master Association board member Mr. Phil Mitchell claims are CalTrans and NTSB compliant “golfer crossing” signs placed right in the middle of the most dangerous curve in the community.


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