Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dana Point: The Battle of the Measures

Dana Point:  The Battle of the Measures

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Rancho Santa Margarita – little less than a month ago, the Honorable Orange County Superior Court Judge Robert J. Moss ruled in favor of the Measure H opponents.  After the ruling, Betty Hill stated that “..voters  should be aware that even if Measure H passes, Measure I will cancel Measure H and its requirement for voter approval of Town Center Plan changes if Measure I passes with more votes”

The measure H “grassroots effort with limited resources pitted against the power of the city in adopting Measure I, along with the resources of the developers and special interests posing significant obstacles to its passage” have come up with a new approach:  A video with references to Hitler:

As a result of the ruling Measure H and Measure I with  rebuttals from both sides, will appear on the June 7 ballot.

Grass roots campaign: 

Save Dana Point – Yes on H :

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