Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Judicial Mafia: What The Pocono Record in Monroe County, PA do not want you to know.

By Cynthia Stephens

The Judicial Mafia of Monroe County PA!  What do you know!  I trust you may not be aware of this publication, as most are not.  Yes, what has gone on in the Monroe County, PA courts, the terrible victimizations and criminality committed against innocent people has been going on for quite some time and it probably still is.  Can you imagine how the victims feel?  Unless you, or a family member has been forces to endure the abuses and criminality carried out by those in the courts and attorneys and their accomplices, and in the HOAs the property thefts, but all the related judicial and legal abuses, you would have no clue, would you?  

Do you think people write books like this because they have nothing better to do?  No, it is because the victimizations and secrecy and cover ups surrounding the legal and judicial criminality and injustices and theft of personal and civil rights, theft of due process, theft of protections of the laws and more is so malicious and egregious, that victims cannot even believe they are living in America!

This book, written by Randall Jennette in 2006 is a bold attempt and "cry" for truth and transparency about the criminal on goings and more in the Monroe County, PA courts and legal system.  I believe, and it is my thoughts, Mr. Jennette could have done a much better job if had and editor, or another to help him get his ordeal and injustice out to the public in book form.  The contents of the book and information is a bit "scattered" and the wording could be much better, but knowing how the victims feel, this man was probably outraged, angry, frustrated and terrified of what else they could do to him, because "they" could and would and more. The bigoted and misogynistic gender based abuses and criminality, the racial based abuses and criminality, the abuses of the  disabled, or abuses and crimes inflicted due to family status, the intentional and fabricated abuses and criminality carried out by the Monroe County Courts and legal system and any of their other accomplices is a disgrace and injustice that are unthinkable to most every American, as I see it!  However, if no one is allowed to know, what difference does it make, right?

A thank Mr. Jennette, though, for at least making an attempt to warn others.  The local news paper, The Pocono Record in Monroe County, PA never reported on Mr. Jennette's injustice and ordeal to the best of my knowledge, nor did any other publication.  I would expect so much better from the press, but it appears and in my experience they may be part of the secrecy and cover ups!  Wouldn't this make them accomplices in any legal and judicial criminality and injustice if they knew about it and did nothing?  How about all the others that know, including investigative agencies and legislators?  where is their accountability?

An amazon.co link with synopsis:

" The book is a story about officially sanctioned corruption in Monroe County PA. The victims of this corruption are the local citizenry. The perpetrators of the crimes are none other than the local elected officials who are armed with a barrage of techniques to conceal their crimes—techniques immersed in massive obscurity so as to keep the citizenry totally oblivious of the shocking onslaught upon their civil liberties.Long before the president’s incredulous statement, revealing that he had authorized the National Security Agency to spy on American Citizens, the officials in a place known as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Monroe County, had a plot put into practice. The officials condemn the local citizenry into perpetual chattel slavery without giving a hint of their crimes against humanity."

A link from lulu.com where you can download for free.  Page counts are different, but that may be due to the size. I have not compared the two versions, so I cannot be sure that all in the original is in the free download.

The Judicial Mafia of Monroe County PA by Randall Jennette ...

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