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$200K grant to California DOJ to investigate and prosecute intellectual property crimes, such as the ones in Coto de Caza's HOA

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Coto de Caza, CA - The Department of Justice’s eCrime Unit applied for and was awarded a $200,000 federal grant to help fund the California Intellectual Property Theft Enforcement Program, according to Attorney General Kamala D. Harris.

The $200,000 grant will be used to investigate and prosecute intellectual property crimes such as piracy. Intellectual property crime is the taking of someone’s idea, such as music, a logo or a unique name, as well as the theft of any profitable new way of doing something. In recent years, intellectual property crime has shifted from the selling of goods in public places to the selling of Internet-based products.

 Take for instance the largest homeowners association in Coto de Caza, the  CZ Master Association's claims about ownership of the trademark CZ®:
The marks involved include 3,259,879; 3274.091; 3,080,876; 3243,122; 3,137.363

Mr. James Harkins, attorney for  the CZ Master Association, not only represent to third parties that contrary to expert opinion and USPTO guidelines- see below -  the CZ Master Association is the sole owner of the marks, even though its name does not show up in the USPTO database. Worse, the board is licensing the CZ® mark to N2PUBS for profit.
  • Consider that mark 3,080,876 was first registered July 20, 1976 and published for opposition October 11, 2005
  • The CZ Master Association was incorporated 4/30/1987 (C1585366)
  • The Association failed to challenge the registration during the opposition period.
  • Intellectual Property Expert Testimony

Expert Opinion

  1. Elisa Garber Kone – Coto de Caza ® USPTO Examining Attorney
  2. Judith Helman – Coto Spirit ® USPTO Examining Attorney
  3. Pam Willis – CZ® USPTO Examining Attorney
  4. Judith Helman – CZ Crest ® USPTO Examining Attorney
  5. Kelly Choe – Life Never Looked so Good ® USPTO Examining Attorney
  6. Judith Helman – Tijeras ® USPTO Examining Attorney
  7. Michelle Swain – Rancho Santa Margarita® USPTO Examining Attorney
  8. Monique Miller- Dove Canyon® USPTO Examining Attorney
  9. Mincheol Kim KMOB Attorney at Law
  10. Domin E. Rainone Attorney at Law


“This grant will support my goal of being at the forefront of investigating these crimes and assuring that law enforcement officials throughout the state are well-equipped to bring those involved in intellectual property crimes to justice.” 
Said Attorney General Harris about intellectual property theft.

 “California’s economy thrives on the intellectual property of artists, creators, inventors, authors, software designers, engineers and so many other innovators,” Harris said. “It is critical in California that we protect their creations from theft, misappropriation and counterfeiting.”

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