Thursday, October 11, 2012

When the only tool you have is a HOA property management company, you see every problems as a $ sign.


When the only tool you have is a HOA property management company, you see every problem as a $ sign - apologies to Maslow attributed with the following:  When the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.

 Laguna Woods Village -  The intersection at Calle Sonora and Via Vista has been torn up across four lanes now for more than a week.Approximately twelve inches of concrete and heaven knows how much asphalt have been demolished and removed....some have been replaced. This morning I asked a PCM workman what was so wrong that they would have to tear up all that real estate and spend in total about two weeks and heaven knows how much money on the job. He said there had been a complaint a bicycle rider got a tire caught in a separation groove that had formed in the pavement causing the rider to fall.

Yes, the problem should be fixed, and I sincerely hope the rider is alright. I asked the PCM person if he thought filling the crack with asphalt or concrete would work as well. He said yes, but he does what he is told. GRF approves these kinds of solutions. The cost, the noise, the time, the dust, and the solution are all excessive. I am not especially happy viewing this excess when my monthly charge just went up about $30 a month. Golden Rain needs to get off that champagne diet they so enjoy. Thank you for reading my letter.

Paul Hutchins
Laguna Woods Village

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