Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A Request To Terminate Coto Caza’s CZ Master HOA General Manager


To: Coto de Caza CZ Master Association Board of Directors.
October 8th 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Below is the letter I sent you a few days ago concerning my problems with your GM Vinnie Davis and your security company. UPS .

Today when I stopped by your Keystone office I asked  Miss Davis to discuss this matter with me. Not only did she refuse to talk to me about this in a nice way but she and her friend Mr. Kevin Edmunds started to insult and disrespect me right and left. Miss Davis rejected out of hand my suggestion to replace your overnight parking towing policy with a graduated fine policy. She claimed it wouldn't work when Dove Canyon has had this fine policy for years.

Not only that but she and Edmunds started to gang up on me about the supposed three parking citations I had received. One was for my car when I was rushed to the hospital one night. The other for my daughters car when because of the driveway problem we had she couldn't pull it in the driveway . As for the third so called citation I can't remember any third citation.

With a nasty, arrogant and disrespectful attitude she attempted to intimidated me saying that because of these three citations she had Edmunds dig up I had absolutely no standing to complain about your towing policy or anything else for that matter. 

Now as you may know this is not my first encounter with miss Davis. We exchanged angry words over the 4.5 foot high fence you wanted to install in the Coto country homes section in my back yard. 

We had not so nice discussions about the 200 year old oak tree you wanted to cut down. This matter is still not resolved. 

And finally until the van/towing problem came up she hassled with me numerous times over my driveway curb issue which as you know we handled quite nicely and easily at your executive session last month. 

Now we have the van/towing issue that seems to have emboldened her to treat me like a second class Coto de Caza citizen. ....which I don't intend to take from her anymore. Therefore not seeing any solution to the problem of Miss Davis treating me and others with disrespect and un-neighborly like behavior I want Miss Davis fired and sent on her way. I will discuss this with you at our upcoming executive board session on the 25th.  We residents pay her salary so she has an obligation to treat us with respect and dignity. This is not being done at the present time so you have to make some changes.
William Kirkendale 


In doing my due diligence on your practice of towing resident's cars away for overnight street parking violations  (instead of levying fines against them)  it has come to my attention that:

(1) With many HOA security companies whose job it is, to select the cars to be towed  away there are substantial kickbacks being paid to them by the tow truck operators for every car they tow away.

(2) These kickbacks I am told range anywhere from 10-15%. If this is the case then security companies like UPS have a large incentive to have as many cars as they can towed away to collect their kickback fees.

(3) While I have no direct proof of this practice being carried out in Coto (only hearsay and rumors) it certainly makes me skeptical of the current tow away rules we have in Coto. 

My question then is this: Instead of having a tow away penalty for cars left on the street overnight why not have an increasing fine penalty. This would remove any question of kickbacks being paid to security companies by tow truck operators to tow cars away.

One final note. Before I moved to California 30 years ago I lived in New York City for 45 years....and as such I can tell you that tow truck operator kickbacks in the city was and still is a billion dollar business for almost everybody including organized crime. I only tell you this because I want you to know that tow truck operator kickbacks are nothing new to me. 

My suggestion for Coto therefore is for you to give strong and serious consideration to changing the current tow away penalty rules to a well thought out monetary fine penalty rule. Thank you.

William Kirkendale

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