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2012 California Propositions Voting Guide

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - As we started to look at the 2012 California propositions, we recall that with few exceptions, while most legislation, including propositions, may be well intentioned, more legislation begets more parasitic bureaucracies, which quickly turn their focus to self-preservation.

Why we continue to argue that we must slay The hydra -   The symbiotic relationship between politicians, unions, lobbyist and parasitic .bureaucracies. 

Consider fir example that as of July 1, 2012, it is now illegal to sell and consume  duck's liver (foi grass,) but it is legal to use taxpayer money to fund legalized murder.

 For the the past ten years, we have been arguing  that we no longer need lawmakers.  What we need are problem solvers.  Which is why we should only  consider candidates willing to pledge to support the 80-20-10Plan

 Consider that a new study conducted by Daniel DiSalvo for the Manhattan Institute found that since 1980, public employee unions have been successful in defeating 75 percent of the ballot initiatives they opposed and have won in 50 percent of the initiatives they supported. That means unions have perfected the use of initiatives to block proposals that threaten their interests, or pass the ones that best fits their interests - such as what happened in California in the last electionWhile all eyes were on Wisconsin, The Union Wreaks Havoc in SOCAL - California Voters Approve 63% of tax Measures

 Finally, consider that max business exodus support the argument that Excessive Government Regulations Are Strangling California Businesses

Proposition 30 -  NO

Proposition 30 is upported by Brown, the California Teachers Association and SEIU.
Consider that the California teachers association (CTA) and the SEIU spent $500 million in ten years buying politicians in Sacramento. Now both joined Brown In support of Proposition 30.

This is your brain. this is your brain on drugs.  

This is Joe Biden laughing.  Any questions?

Proposition 31 -  NO

Simple political game

Proposition 32 -  YES

Brown, CTA and SEIU say no.  Enough said.  See Prop 30 comments above.

Proposition 33 -  NO

Simple political game

Proposition 34 - NO

Morally correct, fiscally irresponsible

Proposition 35 -  YES

Proposition 36 -  NO

Political game

Proposition 37 -  YES

While it may need fine-tuning, genetically engineered  foodstuff needs to be labelled.

Proposition 38 -  NO

Education reforms is not about money, as much as it is to break the public union's stranglehold -  Consider that the CTA defeated sex abuse legislation and wants to criminalize home-schoolers - why give them any more blank checks?

Proposition 39 -  NO

What part of stop giving politicians a blank check don't you understand?

Proposition 40 -  NO

A political game

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