Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Ban the Coto Van


Coto de Caza, CA - This commercial van (see picture on left) was illegally parked in Coto de Caza for a week without the CZ Master association or UPS, the association's private security company,  doing anything to remove it.

For all anyone knew this van could have been stolen and harboring  illegal drugs, guns or even explosives. We really don't have any security protection in Coto if we allow unknown trucks and vans to park and roam aimlessly in the community.

CCR rule number 8:05 clearly states that it is illegal to park commercial vans on CZ streets or driveways 

when they are determined to be a nuisance, offensive unsightly or dangerous. It clearly  prohibit these kinds of vehicles from entering our community without proper identification, purpose and content inspection. In this day and age of terrorism we can't be too careful about things like this.

It was claimed but never proven that the driver of the van was visiting a resident. In any event this van should have been removed from the community after the first complaint about it parking overnight on the street...

Finally, just yesterday and only after multiple complaints,  the van will no longer be allowed through the Coto  gates, as apparently, it has now been banned.

Why did it take so long to ban the van? 

A concerned Coto de Caza resident 

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