Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Laguna Woods Election: United=1, Third=0

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Laguna Woods Village, CA - The vote to get rid of the old board was so overshelming that the fewest votes the PPV candidates won was 1200 and the next lowest vote getter was 700 votes.  So what are the implications?

Beldner, characterized as the most power hungry and abusive president in the history of HOAs and who did not  run again because his son is ill is gone - that might also be the best news

Then there is  Vogel, who as treasurer said he never saw a single invoice or signed a check and depended on PCM for that is also gone and so is Copley who whined that nobody understands.

Will the new board fire Sandra Gottlieb as counsel?  Some would say that, that alone is the best news.

Given the results, why do the members of United have to tolerate the presence and office  the four losers and abusers for another single minute.  Why wait until their terms are finished. Can't they see the writing is on the wall? Why don'they resign now?

The Third Mutual, on the other hand has been buried and  the prediction is that it will soon die  because the husband of Mayor Cynthia Conners James Juhan and Marc Bayer, the hugely unpopular president of the MEN'S 18 hole golf "club" and 2 year resident And runner on BOTH slates Judith Troutman, whose candidate statement said she would align herself with no slate but be completely independant,  won.

The pro-PCM candidates seem to all come from the local Kiwanis organization.   Is is something in the air or the water?

United = 1,  Third=0

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