Thursday, October 25, 2012

Protecting Children In Coto de Caza

This commercial van (see picture on left) was illegally parked in Coto de Caza for a week without the CZ Master association or UPS, the association's private security company,  doing anything to remove it.


To: Coto de Caza's CZ Master Board of Directors:
October 25, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen:


As a parent we know that our number one job and priority is to protect our children from harm. Several years ago here in Southern California there were two unspeakable tragedies involving children that could have and should have been prevented. I’m speaking of the kidnapping and murder of little 7 year old  Danielle Van Dam from San Diego who was abducted sexually assaulted and murdered by one of her neighbors and 6 year old Samantha Runyon from Orange County who was abducted, tortured and murdered right in front of her own home by a local Lake Elsinore man. Both of these crimes were carried out by unknown people who had easy access to children in the community. One was a neighbor the other was a laborer.  They also used vans and motor homes to lure and transport the children to their deaths.

In my home I have a little 11 year old girl with cerebral palsy. Because she has cerebral palsy she would be easy prey for the kinds of killers and sex perverts who murdered and assaulted these two young girls. If one of them had invited her into their van or motor home using candy or a puppy dog as bait she wouldn’t be able to recognize the danger she would be walking into…

Therefore my friends I need you to keep unidentified people and suspicious looking vans and motor homes off our streets and out of our neighborhoods.

Thank you

A concerned Coto de Caza Resident

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