Monday, October 29, 2012

Operation Benghazi Accountability:  1 Million Calls Monday

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Media Attack:  call the press and demand it covers the story:

White House Correspondants 202-266-7453

NBC 212-664-3720

ABC 212-456-7777

CBS 212-975-3247

Why is the White House lying to us the American people?

When did the President know and why was there no security, before, during and after?

Why was the video blamed when we knew that it was a terrorist attack in real time?

Was this situation a arms deal gone bad with militia or terrorist groups that do not like America?

Why are they lying to the American people?

OGR committee- 202-225-5074 - ask for public hearings !!

1 million people needed  to call on Monday 

Operation Bengazi Accountablity-1 Million Calls Monday Oct 29


ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN   Are  “Enemy of the American People”

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