Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The HOA Problem in America Today – Part One

By Jonathan Briggs

My friends you can bet your life and last dollar on the fact that if you live in a planned community in the United States today you have a homeowners association (HOA) board of directors and a staff GM to deal with who have completely lost their way in life. 

By that I mean once they achieved their superior human being HOA board and GM status in life they became just like Nazi style dictators and thugs. No longer were they kind and decent neighbors and friends. Now they became arrogant enemies of yours who were completely drunk with their own new found egomaniacal power of ruling over their new low life HOA subjects. You talk about arrogance of power. These HOA folks invented the phrase.

I don't know what it is about common ordinary folk who suddenly ascend into to the hallowed halls of unbridled power. Somehow they lose their sense of common courtesy and common moral decency. When you walk into a room with these people they try and stare you down as if you were one of the lowest of creatures on earth and they were the high supreme beings in life. It's truly a sickening sight to behold. 

And speaking of sickening sights to behold just go to one of your HOA board meetings one time. You will be amazed at how forlorn and unhappy these board members are as they never crack a smile, never say a kind word and they never show any respect or common courtesy toward you whatsoever. No it’s really a sad day in their lives. Nothing to do but beat up on former friends and neighbors for their own twisted sense of self created importance and power. 

I must add this. Somewhere out there I know there is a wonderful person who has become an HOA board member. The problem is this poor person when he or she became a board member they had to lay down with dogs so they quickly got fleas. When this happened they too lost their way in life.

Now all these people will tell you that they are only homeowners like yourself who have volunteered and sacrificed to help the community. HOGWASH….These people on the whole are nothing but power hungry misfits of society who feed off of their egos and self-appointed importance and authority over others. The Stanford prison experiment comes to mind when you look at these people.

So what is it about these HOA people that makes them this way? In my humble opinion they take on the Julius Caesar persona. You remember old Julius. He was a power hungry tyrant who prevented any kind of democratic participation. He only desired power for himself and he did not meet the needs to better Rome. He paid huge sums of his countrymen’s money so he could become high priest. And if all this wasn’t enough he requested that he be granted the title of dictator for life, which was granted…And as he was now the supreme dictator he completely disregarded the republican system of elections.

I’m sorry but all this reminds me of HOA board and staff dictators of today. They don’t care about you or your needs. All they care about are their obsession for power and authority over your lives..

.......To be continued

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