Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lingering Questions on the death sentence for the Coto de Caza Summerhill Oak Tree


To: CZ Master Association board president Robert Varo

October 30, 2012

Dear Mr. Varo:

The Summerhill Oah Tree is not a fire hazard - OCFA
Coto de Caza, CA - As You can clearly see from the enclosed documents from the Orange County Fire Authority your property management company completely lied and misled the Coto golf club into believing the fire authority had ordered your GM Ms. Davis to have the oak tree on their property behind my house cut down last Monday. My question is why did she do this?

 Did she do this out of spite and her personal hatred and dislike for me? Did she do this because my neighbor has been asking her to have the tree cut down to improve his view for 10 years. Or did she just take it upon herself to lie and deceive people as she has been proven to do several times in the past. I also question how Ms. Davis was authorized and allowed to spend association trust fund money to hire a tree arborist to evaluate the oak tree behind my house on property you don’t even own?

As a matter of fact I further question Ms. Davis spending association trust funds to hire your friend Harkins to write me a nasty disgusting slanderous 7 page letter full of lies and half-truths just to attack me and try and save her job and the UPS contract for her friend Jones.

Now as you know Sir I have completely divorced myself from Keystone and your
board because of the way my family and I have been treated for the past year ever since I moved to Coto. That being said, however, this kind of deceitful behavior on the part of your management company needs to be looked into. As board president you have an obligation to your residents to never condone this kind of behavior by anyone connected to The CZ Master Association. I will assume you will investigate this matter promptly and report your findings to the board at your earliest convenience.

Thank You.

William Kirkendale

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