Saturday, October 27, 2012

A meeting with the Coto de Caza Czar


My Meeting with the "Ruler" - the "Czar"

We met for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Basically I started out the meeting with "You know from my email some information about me, and I know nothing about you, so if you could give me your feelings on Security that would be a good place for us to start."  He stated I don't get involved much with security because I have "Good" people taking care of that. My biggest concern other than Landscaping is We are forming a safety committee. I hope your still planning on being at the meeting and I confirmed that I was.

He then said  "I understand that you live with your daughter and I asked him how he knew that and he said "Someone told him" and I replied Mr. Edmonds, and he said No.

I got up from my chair and said Mr. Varo, If we are not going to be truthful with each other I might as well leave. He stated, What's the problem. I replied "I know you didn't get that information from a "Guard", it had to be Mr. Edmonds. Lets be honest with each other. He thought a minute and said, I think it was Kevin that told me that. I said lets continue with our discussion.
I said look, I have no ax to grind here, I am a concerned Resident and things are going to have to change Security wise or your going to have another big problem on your hands in addition to Public Safety.

I informed him of all the items in the notes that I gave you and he said that's not his problem, that's why he is paying Universal and CJ. He stated that CJ is the best City Manager ever and that he considered Kevin compared to the guy that Securitas had in the position, on a scale of 1 to 10, he consider Kevin a 12. I said "A 12" the man is swimming upstream and has no prior management experience. How come there is no communications between Kevin and the Orange County Sheriffs Department especially since Kevin was working in the Orange Sheriffs dept. He had no answer except to say when the call center, and the Transponder staff and Kevin move into there new quarters he is going to make a spot for the Sheriff and turn it into a Sub Station. He wants the CHP out of Coto because they are too expensive.
I asked him how he felt about a couple of nights a week that Universal provides NO PATROLS because they have the Patrol guys manning some of the gates due to guard calling off. I am aware of that happening a few times but not many.

I said Mr. Varo, your being snowed by the people that you have running the show, they are telling you what you want to hear. The real Security problems are going unsolved and getting bigger by the day..

He then stated that he has 3500 residents here and that they are "All Type A personalities". We discussed the access issues and he stated there is northing he can do about that. Its all those "Other" people like the ones that live in the Village that are causing the problems.

I asked him if he ever visited any of the gates and he said the only one he had ever been to is the South Bend gate. I replied, sure, you live down there right?

I stated that I have asked Kevin to spend a day at each gate to see and feel what the guard feels and he refuses to do so. I informed him of my verbal warning that Kevin gave me, and he replied, "Your kidding me" I said No sir , I'm not kidding you.

I told him about The party that Mr. Jones the VP from Universal had and that the guards were informed to wear there Blazers because we need to impress the guests of Mr. Jones. I said I bet you saw no IR's or tickets given to Jones's guests double and triple parking and he said "That's ok as long as there were No resident complaints and if so that's a different problem. I said how come we were not instructed to were the Blazers for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, Mothers Day. He had no comment.

I sent him the link to my video of the North gate. I'm sure I have forgotten some items here but I think you get the jest of what went on. I thought he was going to walk out and say "That's enough" but he stayed and took what I had to say. I told him I did not expect things to change much Security wise but that I will attend every open Bod meeting from this point on and he stated, If your going to come to the meeting and have nothing but complaints after complaints that's going to be a problem. I said Mr. Varo, I am A Resident here and I can complain about anything I want to if I feel its important enough.

The meeting ended and we shook hands and he said I will see you on Tuesday at the Safety Meeting. I said ok, and then I said one more thing. I don't know what else Mr. Edmonds has told you about me but I do know that he did not tell you that I was one of the top 2 guards employed at Coto and if he didn't, shame on him.

I think that's about it

Ed Caruso

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