Friday, October 19, 2012

The Fable of the ass in Benghazi

Dried up well in Benghazi

A useless old ass in Benghazi

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There is an old Arabia fable of an ass that fell into a deep dried up old well..  The ass cried for a long while, while its owner tried to figure out what to do.  The owner finally decided that the ass was too old and largely useless, plus  the well needed to be covered for safety reasons

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So, the owner asked his friends for help covering up the ditch.  Everyone picked a shovel and started to dump dirt.  The ass quickly figured out what was going on and tried to dig as far away from the dirt as possible, but its efforts were for not and soon gave up.  After thinking about, his spirits were lifted and just sat there.

The owner feeling a bit guilty for the ass and sensing that perhaps  it had given up as it had stopped crying, took a look at the well but was surprised at what he saw:  The ass was standing there, and whenever new dirt fell on its back, it would simple shake it off and use the new dirt as a stepping stone and  it quickly was able to jump out of the well.

How is this applicable to the Benghazi debacle?  The current administration does not know when to stop digging.

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