Sunday, May 01, 2016

Criminal conspiracy in New York is the tip of the iceberg - Should See Illinois

By Kenneth Ditkowsky

The criminal conspiracy that is being exposed in New York is the tip of the iceberg.

When the Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass wrote his article on how to become a judge in Cook county, he put in writing facts that we all knew.    Payoffs are as common as insects; however, law enforcement actually looking into them is rare, and prosecutions even rarer.

Here in Illinois not only do we have the layer of criminality evidenced by so many of our governors going to jail, so many of our elected officials inhabiting the Federal prisons, and so many of our judges either wearing orange jumpsuits or fleeing the State.    The obscenity created by the Illinois Supreme Court and its Attorney Disciplinary Commission in ignoring the Constitutional mandates protecting free speech remains as a permanent stain, especially with Jerome Larkin not filing ethics statements and engaging in overt racism.  (see Diane Nash - Lanre Amu cases).  

Unless you just fell off the turnip truck it is intellectually dishonest to even have a doubt that a lawyer who has paid to a Democratic committeeman $150,000 to be slated for a judgeship is suddenly going to find religion and be immune from the "opportunities" offered by elder cleansing and other forms of extra circular remunerations.    It is therefore no wonder that Jerome Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 colleagues are so bent as to suggest that calling for an HONEST INVESTIGATION is an unethical act by an attorney.   It is not a surprise that they would consider the exposure of judicial corruption to be akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater!    It is similarly no surprise that so many of our elected officials lack the courage to speak out!

What is however puzzling is the fact that the Taxing authorities do not pick out particularly vulnerable members of the 'ruling class' (such as Jerome Larkin) and make them report the benefits that the conspiracy received (constructive receipt) on their form 1040.   By taxation of this non-statutory income the tax authorities do two things.  1) the collect money for a Bankrupt State, and 2) they keep the avarice under control.    Had the guardian ad litem and her protector at the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission been required to pay the taxes due on Alice Gore's gold teeth Alice would have died with her 29 teeth intact and Probate Sharks' call for justice would have been muted to a garden variety elder cleansing case.   However, the theft of Mrs. Gore's gold filling (teeth) is so revolting that even members of the conspiracy are sickened!


By Carl Campanile and Kirstan Conley April 29, 2016 |

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