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Man admits stealing $2.5M from homeowner associations

A man who prosecutors say financed a lifestyle of nightclubbing, NBA games, manicures and limousines by stealing $2.5 million from his clients has pleaded…

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Battling the rampant corruption in the HOA/CID Industry

Ken thank you for sharing this information and understanding what is going on in the HOA criminality, HOA homeowner abuses, secretive and criminal legal and judicial abuses, fraudulent property thefts and more.  The most significant and troubling issue is you mention "competent lawyer" when you stated: "

Sperlonga Data & Equifax join the dark side: unveil new tool to aid tyrannical HOAs & unscrupulous attorneys and property managers.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - As if tyrannical homeowner’s associations (HOA) board of directors did not have enough help from industry advocates, like the CLRC, the Community Association Industry (CAI), ECHO or technology partners like Village Management Systems (VMS), Caliber Software, CINC Systems and Condo Manager, now Irvine-basedSperlong Data Analytics has joined foces with Equifax to really let the average homeowner have it.

What happens when homeowners try to navigate the quagmire of HOA home ownership without a competent lawyer

In 1961 there was a building called Imperial Towers here in Chicago.  The building was fantastic as it was a project that addressed not only a need, but did it expertly.   At the time I was employed with, associated with, and/or allied with a group of old timers in the real estate market who enjoyed not only 'our' success but that of everyone else.   My employer, Joseph Ronsley, was the ultimate spectator - he knew what he was looking at and most importantly he seemed to be novice to know everyone and everything.   Most importantly for me he was a wonderful teacher.  It is too bad that I was not as wonderful a student as I should have been


Clueless In Coto de Caza: HOA willfully ignorant grossly incompetent, or?


May 1, 2016

TO:  CZ Master Association Board of Directors.
CC.  CZ Homeowners
C/o Keystone Pacific,
3001 Tomas Suite 160
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

RE:  Unacceptable Response to Inspection of Records - collections administration


This is to notify the CZ Master Association board of directors and residents that, I have received Vinnie Davis’ response to my request for records associated with collections administration, dated April 13, 2016 and it is completely unacceptable

Cynthia Stephens 

The reason these criminals are held accountable in other states is because someone investigates and listens to those who come to authorities, or others.  Someone in a position of power and authority actually listens, and does something.  The victims of the HOA criminality, legal and judicial abuses and injustices and property thefts  and all related crimes and injustices in Pennsylvania deserve to see the perpetrators of these crimes, financial thefts and property thefts also,  if they have taken place, legitimately investigated, charged and prosecuted and their victims rectified.  No one should be above the law and especially, in the HOA criminality!  There needs to be legitimate pathways for those who suspect wrong doings taking place within their HOAs, in Pennsylvania.
Subject: Baltimore, MD - HOA - Man admits stealing $2.5M from homeowners association,

Baltimore - HOA - Well, it is only $2.5 million of others money!  I wonder how many homes he may have taken as well.  This is never, ever discussed, or reported on.  Many times, they target HOA homeowners, for non payment, or other to take the suspicion off them, force them into court for alleged, fraudulent charges, to build up fees, fines and legal costs and take their homes.  Some judges are only too willing to help these thieves, thugs and bullies in some locales, it appears!
Man admits stealing $2.5M from homeowner associations
Washington Times
Prosecutors say Francis owned two companies which managed HOA reserve funds, which were typically held in savings or money market accounts.
Elkridge firm owner pleads guilty to over $2.5 million in wire fraud - Baltimore Sun

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