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AB 1799 (CA) mandates boards to set who can vote

AB 1799 (CA) mandates boards to set who can vote

by pvtgov
In my HOA Common Sense: rejecting private government pamphlet, No. 5, Democratic Elections, I argue that the adhesion contract CC&Rs presents defective and unfair election procedures, if any.  Last month Frank Askin, hero of the Twin Rivers (NJ) free speech case and Director of the Rutgers Constitutional Rights Clinic, wrote the chair of the California Assembly […]
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Wittenberg Vs Beachwalk: Aka as Homeowners Vs HOA Industry by "Buzz" Aguirre:  Adams Kessler and 20 other law firms, all  members of CAI  petitioned the California Supreme Court 
to overturn the Wittenberg ruling. The Supreme Court  refused.


Why is California Assemblyman Chad Mayes Expediting AB-1799 - bad legislation for homeowners?

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Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – We have often argued I that we no longer need to elect legislators.  We need to elect problem solvers.  For the few candidates we have endorsed, we ask them to take the Pareto Rule Pledge, also known as the 80-20 rule, which basically states, worry about the vital few and forget about the trivial many.  The practical translation is that for every bill problem solvers introduce, they need to get rid of fou
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