Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Battling the rampant corruption in the HOA/CID Industry

by Cynthia Stephens
Ken thank you for sharing this information and understanding what is going on in the HOA criminality, HOA homeowner abuses, secretive and criminal legal and judicial abuses, fraudulent property thefts and more.  The most significant and troubling issue is you mention "competent lawyer" when you stated: "

Why do I tell you all this?    I do so because I have been troubled by the HOA frauds and the plight of so many of the homeowners lured into development projects that do not meet the needs of the residents.    The government has attempted to do something about this with legislation.  15 USCA 1701 and the Consumer protection acts in particular are serious attempts to address the problem, however, these acts require prior to purchase that a homeowner do due diligence. Caveat Emptor is still the law of the land.    So many potential homeowners still try to navigate the quagmire of home ownership without a competent lawyer! *****  The traps are out there and in too many instances the developer has not done his homework either.    The net is that there is a disaster waiting to happen IF YOU DO NOT DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND DO IT WELL!   The penalty is a personal disaster that could have been avoided. The focus on corrupt political souls, corrupt businessmen, and so on, is well placed, but never forget to focus upon our own corruption - i.e. the failure to do our homework.

I have got some bad news for you.  This is nearly impossible.  They are so few and only in certain geographic areas in the USA. ie: TX, NA. HI, KS, VA and maybe a few other states.  It is deplorable and if you are forced to hire an attorney when you are targeted, slapped, selectively discriminated against, or if you simply ask a procedural question and you stumble over criminality on going in you HOA and they "SLAPP" sue you to cover it up, the attorney you are forced to hire is incompetent and playing ball with the courts, HOA attorney and HOA board to steal all you have, including you home, equity, belongings, and maybe in some locales they want the HOA homeowners also, for trafficking, local sex trade, or their own amusement!  It is worse than being sold into slavery!  Maybe it is the "new slave trade."  Attorney, legislature and judicial organized and run!

The very lawyer you are forced to pay, over nothing, something a lie and totally fabricated, a true fraud upon the courts and knowingly so by the HOA attorney and HOA boards is going to intentionally and willfully going to destroy your life and your case, try to extort monies to pay off judges and for the "projected costs of a foreclosure" (fraud closure) for thousands, upon thousands (in my case about $13,500.00) and this appears to be "typical" in certain areas across the USA.  Either you pay them this plus another $5000.00 + in alleged fees for the HOA attorney, because he created the crime and legal nightmare.  One of Andy's recent guests, Ted Taupier, said it best: "VICTIM HARVESTING"  This is mail fraud, wire fraud and across state lines also, besides extortion.

Don't pay?  They say they will sell your house next day at fraudulent sheriff’s sale.  Only option and if you can find an attorney on such short notice and have to drive nearly 6 hours is to file a bankruptcy, for absolutely nothing, but their scam.  No true case number, or other but you had better do it.  Now, you are paying another attorney in the bankruptcy courts over nothing.  In fact, the bankruptcy attorney cannot even figure out how he or she is getting away with it and especially  in states that do not have non judicial foreclosure (fraud closure).  I found out how they are doing it.  They (these lawyers) are forging judges’ signatures.  But, who cares if there is no oversight and accountability for these lawyers in states like Pennsylvania and apparently countless other states.  Oh, by the way, I should mention during this entire criminality, the legal and judicial abuses, frauds and all related, you are still paying the attorney doing it to you, the HOA via your dues (monthly maintenance payments).  You have no choice.  Is this not a conflict of interest?  A person whose salary you have paid for years and years and you have become the easiest to get, or like I said have stumbled over "something."  How can he represent you as a member of the HOA and tell you what to do as a member and then SLAPP sue you for trying to follow his direction?  Please it is a scam of the worst magnitude, Ken.  There are thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands of HOA victims across the USA and many fraudulently made homeless due to the criminality within the entire industry, in my opinion, much driven, taught and instructed, by the industry "lobbyists," "trade groups" influence, some in the ins. industry, and collusion and corruption of the most unthinkable magnitude between lawyers, judges, HOA boards, HOA "investor owners," industry representatives, some legislators and other elected officials, some banksters and even some law enforcement and investigative agencies
How do you think I feel when I her what has been done to attorneys like you, Andy, Don B., Bob G., Gene, Dr. Fine, Joann, Katherine, Zena, Candice, Mark A., Jeff N., Paul S., Paul O., and the so many others, and then have LIVED the HOA criminality and horrific lawyer(s), judge(s) and legislator(s), and other elected and whose job, duty, or other it is to stop this, but they are actually assistants in carrying it out!   Especially, in Pennsylvania.  These attorneys and judges involved have done 1000X worse to innocent people, some clients and some victims and they are still walking around "Scott free" because they are part of the "wacko well connected."

The HOA homeowners have also had no voices.  They have been drowned out by criminality and cover up across America.  Please listen to Shu's show yesterday with Nila Ridings.  You will get a broader picture of the real problem and what needs to be done from the point of someone even thinking of buying into one of these groups.  Just FYI.  It was not always like this.  We had a very different HOA and COA for over 12 years.  Nothing lie it became.  The abuses, lies, property damages, destruction, malicious and hostile people (even some tenants), but then the "industry" crept into the HOA and when this happened, I obviously was targeted and my life and being able to even live in our home was over!
Here is the link to yesterday's interview, http://onthecommons.us/images/stories/shows2/20160429ridings.mp3 It is well worth your time.  
Also, I am trying to connect everyone and this is growing, growing and growing.  I hope everyone come to know everyone else.  We all may come form different legal and judicial injustices and abuses, for doing the right thing, or because we were in the wrong HOA at the wrong time, or are forced to use the courts in domestic issues, or you are an attorney trying to represent a client ethically, competently, justifiably and according to the law, etc.,  whether it be CPS/C&Y/DR, HOA, Elder/Guardianship/Probate, or unjustly and unfairly disciplined attorneys we are all on the same page.  This is about the courts, officers of the courts and all and any other accomplices carrying out very profitable criminality for themselves and their syndicates.  Income, property and in some cases, people, redistribution carried out by the criminals operating in and among our courts and legal systems!  Victim harvesting and the victims have no rights, no protections of the laws, no due process, or other.  Report the despots and it seems no one who is accountable and has the authority, or who is paid, elected, authorized, appointed, contracted or has taken an oath not to allow anything ever like this to happen could care less!  Especially about the criminality in the courts and among judges and lawyers and their "wacko well connected."
It is going to take some time, but I believe we will all become connected and grow in numbers and strength!
Best wishes all!


Phil Mitchell and the Coto de Caza HOA board just invalided the 2016 Elections

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C/o Keystone Pacific,
3001 Tomas Suite 160
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

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